Important Information for Internet Offers
Internet Dermaplaning or Laser Special


The treatment that you will be receiving with dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment. There is no down time. If you purchased the laser rejuvenation treatment, it has numerous benefits, including stimulating your collagen helping with fine lines, reducing background redness, killing bacteria for acne, and smoothing texture including reducing pore size! This treatment has no downtime; you will only be a little pink directly after but within the hour the redness will subside. You can immediately resume your regular routine including makeup application. 
Only a few things to consider before making your appointment:  

  • You cannot be treated if you have been over exposed to the sun (i.e. sunburn) within 2 weeks prior to your treatment. 
  • You cannot be treated if you have any active cold/sun sores. Must wait until completely gone. 
  • You must wait a minimum of 2 weeks after being injected with botox and 4-8 weeks after dermal filler before being treated. 
  • If you have taken oral antibiotics recently, those make you photosensitive and must wait 3 days (72 hours) after your last dose before any laser treatment. 

Please go to our Client Forms Tab and print out the Client Intake Form, fill it out and bring with you to your appointment.

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to complete your check-in.
  • We are located at Yosemite & Park Meadows Drive in Bridge Center Building across the lobby from Panera.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, please inform us and we will have to alter your treatment.
  • If you have children, please make childcare arrangements for during your treatment.
  • If you need to re-schedule, please call no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Our phone number is 303-468-9688